Hi!, I'm Erick Saavedra! {

An Electrical and Automation Engineer who loves to develop software , technology geek, musician, drawer and athlete.



This Web Site

This web site was developed using Flask.


Developing a low cost vision system for detection of missing components on UUT through python.

Software Migration

Migration of our testing software from LabVIEW to python, this includes a wide testing platforms. We selected Django due to it is open source.

Vibration Analisis

An application based on LabVIEW for vibration analysis for rotating machinery.


'Lead Acid Battery Backup Time Estimation Using LabVIEW for Traction Systems in Electric Vehicles'. This model was capable to estimate State of Charge, Backup Time and Autonomy of the vehicle. It also included the mathematical modeling of a vehicle.

Monophase Inverter

Design and implementation of a monophase inverter using LabVIEW as control interface.

Power DC-DC Converter

Design and implementation of a power electronics system for electrical Vehicles using LabVIEW as control interface.

Git Repository Handler

Developed a shell script capable to handle conflict issues on local repositories in order to complete the update request.

Software Auto Installer

An application capable to install a varios packages of several softwares in order to automate a repetitive task through shell scripting.


Various scripts with the capability of: control temperature, control three-pashe inverters, serial communication and digital multiplex systems.